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Tempering Chocolate


Tempering – How to reach unity with your chocolate

What is it to temper chocolate? 
Tempering is a cooking technique used to stabilize the liquid chocolate so it hardens properly at room temperature.  In this way, it is possible to achieve final gloss, proper hardness, and contraction of the chocolate in the mold. Tempering consists of heating the chocolate to a specific temperature as a result of which the cocoa butter it contains is brought to the most stable crystalline form resulting in hard, shiny chocolate.

Hand Tempering

  1. Start with hard chocolate (about 2lbs) on a cutting board and break it up into 1-2” chunks.   Reserve ¾ cup of chocolate and put the rest into a 2 quart microwaveable glass bowl.  Chop the ¾ cup of chocolate into small granular sized bits about half pea size or smallerMelt the 1-2"chocolate chunks at medium power (50% or level 5) for ~1½  minutes, stirring every 20-30 seconds. You can also use a double boiler with hot water and burner set to low heat.  Melt chocolate to 100-110°F.

  2. Let melted chocolate rest at room temperature until chocolate temp is down to 92°F.  To speed up this process, you can place your tempering bowl in the refrigerator for two minute intervals however make sure you scrape the sides and bottom of the bowl well with a spatula after each interval.

  3. Add the solid granular chopped chocolate to the liquid chocolate bowl and blend with a hand blender until the temperature is 84-86°F.  You will notice this action cools the chocolate mass by about 4 degrees. The mass will start to thicken and seem slightly lumpy.

  4. Raise temperature of the chocolate to 88°F with a hand held hair dryer or heat gun while continuing to blend with a hand blender.

  5. You are officially in temper when the chocolate begins to take on a velvety sheen!

  6. If the chocolate exceeds 90°F, it will be necessary to repeat the tempering process.

Good luck on your chocolate adventure!












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