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Truly savoring chocolate involves all the senses – see its rich color; feel the smooth texture; hear the crisp snap; smell its aromatics; and finally taste the sweet, smoky, rich flavor. Kokku - Distinctive Gourmet invites you to take this sensual journey and have fun with chocolate. We offer superb flavors for taste and purchase at our events.  Check back often to find out what new choco-delicacies are being created in the Chocolatier's kitchen!

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BRAND NEW Chocolate bars!

KDG 62% Dark chocolate Bar
- Handmade and poured, this new dark chocolate bar was invented by the chocolatier himself, bringing a superior melting quality and flavor through combining the best kakao from around the globe. Designed as a perfect complement to wine, there are hints of raspberry, cherry, and a lingering earthy character. This Artisan KDG dark chocolate can be paired beautifully with any fruit forward red wine such as a Spanish Tempranillo or California blended red.

KDG 40% Milk Chocolate Bar - KOKKU has raised the bar on chocolate to a new level.  Our new Milk Chocolate Bar is submerged with wicked flavors of chocolate pudding and creamy dairy notes that will leave you speechless.

Gourmet Chocolate Blend - An irresistible chocolate sauce, made from a proprietary combination of 4 different kinds of chocolate that will leave you wanting to spoon it from the jar straight into your mouth! Available in 9oz and 12oz sizes. Great for dipping, sipping or spreading. Perfect for adding fudge-o-cessorizing on your ice cream!

White Chocolate SauceDozens of converts have come over to the white chocolate side after tasting this decadent sauce, that will add the words "Gourmet" to any dessert.  Smooth and Creamy with just a hint of Pear. Create your own masterpiece as you pour KOKKU over your favorite fruit, pastry or even french toast in the morning!

Sheer Dark A Dark Chocolate lovers dream. We use 3 different dark chocolates to make this sauce complete. Rich aromas fill your senses and chocolate flavors take you a world away!  Sheer Dark is a reduced calories sauce (35% less than other KOKKU sauces) and is dairy free/vegan. 

Gourmet Caramel SauceA classic flavour with just a hint of salt. Smooth as silk, packed with caramel flavor, and gifted with a perfect texture, KOKKU Caramel can be spooned or poured on anything.  Caramel Latte anyone? Add one teaspoon to your coffee to create the perfect moment of relaxation.  


Locally made Vanilla Extract - Our gourmet Vanilla Extract is made from two kinds of vanilla beans to accentuate each varietal aroma and taste.  Precious flavors from Tahitian premium longs and Madagascar Bourbon Islands grade A beans are sealed within. Golden flavors come alive as the beans steep right in the bottle! The longer it sits on your shelf, the better it gets.


Gourmet Hot Chocolate - Intense and velvety, The Kitchens of Kokku have upgraded drinking chocolate to a new level. We grind 3 kinds of chocolate to create intense chocolatey flavors. Comes in a powdered mix.

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