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The Name KOKKU

Kokku Distinctive Gourmet is named after Kokku'laay,  a distant seacoast and bird sanctuary in the Far East, with a vast tributary of linking sandbars and shallow lagoons.

This geographically unique area is a gathering place for birds of all kinds and a way point, where exotic ingredients such as the Cocoa Bean, Vanilla and Cinnamon share the same land.


Similarly, each of Kokku’s distinctive products introduce a unique combination of exotic tastes to your palate, redefining every-day flavors into an uncommonly colorful sensory experience!



KOKKU In the news

February 2011

Riverside-Brookfield Landmark              A Sweet Change of Direction

Darien Patch- Darien, IL           Area Chocolatier Shares Sweet Story at Indian Prairie

January 2013

ABC 7 NEWS                                     Chocolate and Wine for Valentines Day







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